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For centuries, the term virtual has been accepted as being something in essence or effect but not actually in fact, while for decades, virtual reality has been used to describe the technology that allows a person to physically become a part of a simulated environment. Game developers and ride manufacturers alike clamor to create the most realistic and emotionally stimulating situations for players and riders. For the modern carnival owner who struggles with the best and most efficient ways of moving people through their midway and onto their rides, the virtual has truly become the reality as Mike Hallahan and Bill Buchholz have introduced a very realistic solution to ticketing through their company Virtual Ticket Solutions. Where better to debut this new system, then on the midway of the Skerbeck Entertainment, virtually one of the oldest carnivals in the country. 

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How We Started

“I had developed this software for the gift card industry and it just never took off. I began looking for another market for it. I recognized that a carnival is very much like a small city with 20 to 30 different stores on a midway, so we thought we could do a gift card program for carnivals. We will take cards, and we will load them with value. When a patron presents the card at a ride, the operator will scan it and take points off like a gift card. I called Andy out of the blue. The first day we talked for 45 minutes, when it could easily have been a two-minute conversation with him telling me he had no interest. Instead he felt like we were onto something that was needed in the industry. He invited Bill and I to visit his carnival on a Labor Day weekend. Bill spent a tremendous amount of time observing the ticket booth and the processes.”

Mike and Bill met Jaime and Nicki Skerbeck in 2017 at the IISF Tradeshow in Gibsonton.

“Jaime and Niki asked why we would want to spend three weeks with them. It was valuable time when we could learn a lot. We understand software and development, but they understand the carnival industry. We wanted to work with someone astute who could tell us where we needed to go.” 

Virtual Ticket Solutions has made Skerbeck Entertainment Group into the successful carnival that it is today with their above and beyond ideas on ticketing. 

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