Going CASHLESS! Automating Events, Fairs, and Festivals
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At VTS we have developed a ticketless / cashless solution for the Fair and Carnival Industry. Delivering crucial, real time data to allow you to make critical, intelligent business decisions. Allowing you to offer reporting to the organizers and fair committees like never before

Timed Ticketing

Benefits of going CASHLESS

  • Total control of all cash and ticketing, 100% accountability
  • Real Time Reporting
  • A host of reports to engage and make business decisions, taking the manual aspect out of the process
  • Keeping employees honest and accountable
  • We are a scalable, pay as you go solution
  • On-line Mobile Friendly-Ticket/WB sales

  • Automating Ticket Sales, Rides, Ride Inspection, Employee Time Clock/Break Time, Games, and Food
  • QR Code Technology
  • Cloud Based and Private Local Network, with our store and forward technology never lose a transaction

By pass the ticket booth all together, purchasing tickets online